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Our Founder

Hi, I’m Ken MacKenzie. Thanks for sharing in the joy of Fresh Victor. It’s been my dream to do something that helps bring people together. Ever since I was a kid growing up in Menlo Park, California, our house was always filled with friends and family who loved being together, sharing good food, unique drinks and great stories!

Even at that young age, I knew I wanted to do something that brought people together. So no one was surprised when I went into the spirits business. I started out as a consultant in Mexico, helping companies understand the complex spirits regulations in the U.S. Before too long, my wife and I launched our own premium tequila brands, back before high-end premium tequila was even a thing.

Building tequila brands back in the 90s meant I had to do a lot of educating, and I discovered that I had a love for it using my own unique approach: I’d invite customers, distributors, suppliers and friends to our home for dinner and drinks, and I’d make them these intricate cocktails. The only problem was, I was behind the bar most of the night and really didn’t even have time to sit down for dinner! 

I was also spending a lot of time flying all over the U.S. conducting tequila seminars for wine and spirit distributors and national restaurant accounts. After one of my seminars, a distributor asked me a very good question: “Do you realize that some of those amazing cocktails you showed us took six minutes to make? I’d love to recommend them to my restaurants, but customers don’t want to wait that long for a drink! Do you have a cheat code to mix them faster?"

That one question set the stage for Fresh Victor.

I knew it took a lot of time not just to make great drinks, but also in the days spent sourcing the ingredients, squeezing fresh citrus juices, making agave syrup, chopping and adding herbs, muddling, tasting, and most of all, creating absolute consistency. I thought if I could take away the pain points of sourcing and preparing fresh ingredients, it would be a whole lot easier for anyone making drinks. That was my a-ha moment for creating Fresh Victor. With our mixers, everything is done for you, with fresh, cold-pressed juices and premium, clean-label ingredients. Fresh Victor is an anomaly in the mixers market. We use ingredients that are so fresh, they are bottled cold and located in the refrigerated section of stores. And when we deliver direct to our customers, we ship Fresh Victor on ice.

What’s great is that every flavor pairs beautifully with any spirit to make easy, delicious cocktails in seconds.

But our mixers also solve for something else that’s important to us. Having been in the spirits business for two decades, I know there is a movement where people are choosing not to drink alcohol for a variety of reasons. Fresh Victor allows everyone to celebrate alongside everyone else, with the exact same fresh, delicious drink -- minus the alcohol. It is so rewarding to see someone drinking a margarita using our Mexican Lime & Agave mixer with tequila, sitting right next to someone drinking a mocktail margarita using our Mexican Lime & Agave with sparkling water. No one has to feel limited to a bottle of water or a can of soda at events and family gatherings anymore.

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you find your favorite Fresh Victor flavors that bring you joy and togetherness with the people you love. -- Ken MacKenzie, founder, Fresh Victor.